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The Arc of
Greensboro and High Point

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Our Mission

 We are Stronger Together. Bringing the Arcs together will strengthen our ability to promote and advocate for opportunities that empower people with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities to have choices and determine where and how they learn, live, work, and play.  


The Arc Steering Committee Communication

 Hello stakeholders, friends, and members! It is the goal of the Steering Committee to keep you informed of our progress as we explore the case of Stronger Together for the Arcs of Greensboro & High Point. 

To do this, we would like to offer a monthly communication where we share information from our Steering Committee, as well as our programs, and successes from each Arc. It is our sincerest wish to engage everyone through this process so that we can better position ourselves to serve those we support.  To date, with the assistance of our consultant Julia Nile, the committee has analyzed the strengths and opportunities that each Arc possesses, how we complement each other, and how we can best come together to serve our members to fulfill our mission.  At this point, we have engaged our major stakeholders and received much support for this idea and are working on an outline of what Stronger Together would look like. 


Would you like more information?

We realize many questions and concerns will arise as we explore coming together and we invite you to contact us at any time. Please direct questions for the Steering Committee to Also, we will be updating our respective Facebook pages and websites.

Download Stronger Together ...Making the Case Brochure

Stronger Together - Making the Case (pdf)


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